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I don't know what the fuck I am doing with my life...

I wanted to be veterinarian , then E.R. doctor, then Nurse and now traveler. Are my parents supportive of my decision about becoming a traveler? No, they make it seem like I can't do it. They say "it's stupid".

Being the last of all four of their children, they had big dreams for me; and not gonna lie so did I. After all three of their boys dropped out of college after their freshmen year, they were hoping that their only daughter would make them feel like they succeeded at parenting. They wanted something to brag to their co-workers about. "My daughter finished medical school!" , "My daughter is a doctor!"

And with all that added pressure it got to me. It like I had a giant boulder on my shoulders of my parent's expectations and dreams for me and on top of that I have tiny little peddles of paying bills, passing classes, finding a job, being with the family and trying to have a social …

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